We are the interns. (And #LDSconf weekend.)

October 5, 2013

Greetings from Salt Lake City.

Instead of bringing you a “shop crush” this week, I thought I’d update you on life lately. To put it shortly, I have been interning with a book company. I do social media. Yep, that means I spend quite a bit of time of Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. The company I’m working with happens to be church-related, so lately we interns—and everyone, really—have been doing tons of prep work for the big church event that happens every October (and April, actually)…General Conference. It’s basically when Mormons far and wide get together—be it in person at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, or theoretically by tuning in by broadcast or online—to listen to our church leaders give talks suited to this particular time and to our particular needs. Each speaker, be it the prophet, an apostle, or what have you, talks about whatever he or she feels prompted to talk about. They speak according to what they feel they have received revelation on after praying about what to talk about, if that makes sense.

Heh, my friend Devo (nickname) and I like to call it “prophecy fest.”

Anyhow, the reason I tell you this is to underline the fact that it is kind of a big deal! Which means the past couple weeks have been devoted to coordinating events to be held between sessions of Conference, getting the word out about Conference, you get the gist.

You should meet my fellow intern, Victoria. She’s kind of amazing and really photogenic. I did zero retouching here.

 And you want to know what else is photogenic?

This building. This building is really photogenic.

Heh, so Conference happens right here in Temple Square. There’s some context for ya.

And look—I even posed for a photo too! Quelle bonne surprise!

Anyway. I’ll be up bright and early so I can live-tweet this thing we call #LDSconf. I hope you’ve enjoyed mine and Victoria’s little trip to Temple Square!

See you on Twitter!

Love, Maurine

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