Friday Faves // Vol. 9

Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday at last. Hope you all had a lovely week. I was kinda surprised by this, but my Friday Faves post this week ended up being very Valentine's Day themed. I just can't resist sweet nothings and cute little gifts I guess :)

Here's what made me smile this week...

1. The fact that (apparently) you can send piñatas through the mail. That's what Studio DIY says anyway :)

2. Oh Happy Day's "3 Easy Valentines for your Coworkers." Cute little gifts like these are my favorite! And they speak to my inner lover-of-puns.

3. The movie Pitch Perfect. (Or, as I always seem to call it, "Perfect Pitch.") That's all. I don't think I've told you guys that yet. I saw it for the first time a few weeks ago, and it's totally my jam. Hoping the second one measures up...

4. IKEA's "lüvkards." Of course I like them.

5. This quote: "To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides." —David Viscott

Happy V Day/Presidents' Day weekend, all!

Love, Maurine

Hosting a Rockin’ Valentine’s Day Party for Adults

Happy Friday, everyone! Any fun plans this weekend? I myself am going to have a total girl day on Saturday with my roommate Cassie, but the introverted party animal in me is thinking that a V Day party wouldn't be a bad idea, either. Hence...this guest post I have lined up for ya today. Pro writer Amber Brubaker has some awesome tips for you to try on hosting an awesome Valentine's Day party this year. So without further ado...


Though Valentine’s Day is often spent alone with your significant other, there’s no reason you can’t have a fabulous party on that day, whether you’re in a relationship or single. This party can be romantic for couples, or serve as a great mixer for singles. Your party could be the talk of the town that night, if you have the right things going for you.

For Couples

A couples party is going to be a little different than a singles party. You’ll want the mood of this party to be a little more intimate and romantic. Consider these ideas as you plan your party for multiple couples.


Keep the guest list short and limited to your most intimate friends. A Valentine’s Day couples party is no time to make new friends or invite casual acquaintances. The theme and mood should still be charming and comfortable. Inviting only your closest friends will enable you to have a romantic, fun night with your sweetheart, even though others are present.


With other couples at the party, you’ll want to keep the decorations classy—but that doesn’t mean it can’t be just a little bit sensual. Stick to plain, unscented candlesticks for the tables, and deep red, cloth napkins. Feel free to sprinkle the table with rose petals, and leave a sexy party favor by each plate, such as a small bottle of luxury bubble bath or massage cream.


All the food at your party should be reminiscent of romance. Finger foods are always a great option, since nothing screams romance like food you can hand-feed to your partner. Gourmet pizza and breadsticks would be a great option, followed by chocolate covered strawberries or fondue.


When the feasting ends (or when you decide to move the party to the living room), you’ll want to have some entertainment planned. You could pull out an interactive board game such as Cranium, Apples to Apples, or the Newlywed Game. Or, put on a romantic movie and bring out some throws and bean bags so the couples can cuddle.


If you’ve got the space, clear the floor, throw on some music, and invite your guests to dance. Create a continuous playlist on your iPod so that no one has to play DJ. Include a combination of upbeat music and slow songs to encourage all types of dancing.

For Singles

Just because you aren’t in a relationship doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Get the word out that you’re throwing a great party, find the venue, and start planning.


The number of guests you invite should depend on the type of party you want to throw. If you want to keep it small, only invite the people you know. If you want it to be big and wild, tell everyone you know to spread the word. Just make sure there’s a relatively equal amount of guys to girls, since this party should be an opportunity for your guests to meet new people.


If it’s small, consider having a dinner, but if it’s a big party, you better stick with the buffet style food, and you might want to have it catered. Think finger foods like pizza bites, breads, chips, cheese and crackers, and cookies. Fill the tables with food people can eat while mingling and enjoying the party.


For small parties, plan fun, interactive games. You might have party games like Smurf, Fruits, or Psychiatrist. These kinds of games will be a hit among your guests, and make small parties fun and interactive.

For larger parties, think entertainment on a bigger scale. It might be cool to have a live band playing, if possible. No matter what, you’ll want music and dancing. Regardless of the kind of music you play, you’ll need good speakers. Nothing ruins a party like having your speakers blow out because they can’t handle the volume. If you need some good speakers, try some from a company like this one.


If you plan to have music and a lot of guests, your house or apartment is not a good venue for the party. You’ll need to find another location. Look around town for places that will rent out their building for such a party. If it’s a little ways out of town or has soundproofing, that’s even better.

With these tips in mind, your party is sure to be a hit, and this could very well be the best Valentine’s Day yet ;)

Playlist // Heartbreakers Gonna Break (Break Break Break Break)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I hope this month's playlist makes you laugh. I've noticed that Valentine's Day can be a pretty alienating time for those in the not-in-a-relationship camp. So instead of going with the traditional theme of love and romance for my playlist this month, I've opted for the contrary. Something that is equal parts nostalgia, anger, and get-it-togetherness—with some sorrowful indulgence thrown in. Essentially...a breakup playlist. Sound good?

I promise it's more uplifting than it sounds.

This playlist was made for breakups, loneliness, and general musings on one's current romantic status. It starts out with some powerhouse vocals by Adèle to get any necessary tears out of the way—that's therapeutic, I might add—then eases you into some gentler notes to ease your pretty little mind, and finally sends you off with a jolt back to a happier reality, courtesy of—you guessed it—Miss T. Swift. I still can't decide if that last one was the right choice, but I've had, like, three people tell me it's their breakup jam, so ha! Plus I had to balance out all of that negativity somehow.

This playlist was tough. And it's a little more on the mainstream side. But I think that's a good thing. It gives the lonely a chance to contemplate their loneliness in accordance with the rest of humanity. Does that make sense? Anyway. Listen. Enjoy. Don't take it too seriously.

Heartbreakers Gonna Break (Break Break Break Break)

Heartbreakers Gonna Break (Break Break Break Break) by Maurine Dashney on Grooveshark

Love, Maurine

Pretzel Cupcakes with Good Things Utah

Monday, February 2, 2015

Woohoo! Apparently Good Things Utah doesn't think the sound of "pretzel cupcakes" is too off-putting, either. So today I baked them on the show.

Shout-out to my roommate Cassie for being an awesome helper today! And for taking zeese photo.

Check out the vid below.