Friday Faves // Vol. 14

July 10, 2015

Friday whatuppp? Ha, happy Friday, everyone. Here are five things that caught my eye this week 🙂

1. Rosa’s Pizza in Philly. This pizza place just warms my heart! The owner has a “pay-it-forward” campaign where customers can purchase an extra slice of pizza for someone in need. It started with little sticky notes on the wall to keep track of who had purchased a slice of pizza—you could just grab a sticky note and bring it to the register for your pizza. Now the owner keeps track of the “donated slices” at the register. You could even donate a slice online if you wanted 😉 Anyhow, you should check out his story if you haven’t!

2. This doggy pool party. What’s Friday Faves without something with super cute animals in it? Some of the photos of dogs caught midair are just hilarious.

Photo credit.

3. Awkward Everyday Lives of Animals. HA, I just love these. They are cute little animal illustrations by Simpsons illustrator Liz Climo. They’ll make you laugh quietly to yourself.

4. Maskcara’s video of her husband doing her makeup. I just think it’s sweet 🙂

5. Scandinavian sod roofs (or ‘turf houses’). This was a traditional technique for roofing used even into the 19th century. They would literally cut squares of sod from a nearby pasture and use them for the roofs. So neat! Here’s a Pinterest board of ’em.

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