Friday Faves // Vol. 3

August 8, 2014

Another round-up of five things I’m loving this week here on the blog. Here’s a little positivity for your Friday!

Photo by Jeff Mindell of Studio DIY.

1. These DIY Fruit Slice Umbrellas from Studio DIY. What a beautiful blog Kelly has. And these fruit slice umbrellas are just to die for! Anything to brighten up a rainy day wins in my book. Such is why I own a yellow umbrella, by the by. Though I think I should get a nice black one for when I’m feeling classy… Sadly I left this one in France by accident when coming home from a semester abroad :/

Rambling over.

2. This music from Evenings. Ha, so I knew this kid in college, actually. He’s really talented, and his music is perfect for whenever you want to just chill out. Check itttt.

3. This photo. Kudos to leslie m k on flickr for making my day every time I look at this picture.

4. Kinsey Mhire’s Photography. This girl is so so talented. I can’t believe she’s my age, either. One day…I will be half as good as she is. Her blog is probably my favorite blog that I follow, to be honest.

5. Say Yes’s Fab Finds Under $40 column. I follow it on Pinterest, actually, but basically it’s a regular roundup of awesome fashion pieces at a great price. I dig it because 1) it’s my style, and 2) you’ll often find killer deals on higher end items here.

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