Friday Faves // Vol. 12

May 22, 2015

Friday! Friday! Friday! Faves! Faves! Faves!

1. This photo booth style shoot with dogs. I’m a sucker for animal photography, I guess—it combines two of my loves!

2. This Quilted Northern Commercial. I about died when I saw this. Either I have a twisted weird sense of humor, or this is one of the best toilet paper commercials ever.

3. Flower Eyewear. Um…super stylin’ eyewear for $39–88? Don’t mind if I do. I think these frames are fun.

4. VSCO’s free Lightroom presets. If you have Lightroom, you should get these presets asap. There’s no reason not to. I use VSCO 01 presets with a lot of my outdoor photography, and they streamline my photo editing process while giving my photos just the look I want. I actually used the free presets for the first time in my photos from Wednesday (see derby hat photo and sparkler photos.)

5. Kortni Jeane Swimwear. One of these days I really need to compile a list of online boutiques that I adore. There are so many new ones I’ve been loving lately. But anyway, this is one of them! It’s really stylish swimwear, and one thing I love is that the owner is all about selling unique suits. She’s always swapping out prints and styles.

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I’m off to Cali 🙂

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