Cake Sans Frosting (Inspiration)

January 15, 2014

Cakes sans frosting: It’s a trend I’ve been seeing pop up quite often lately. I thought about doing a tutorial for the blog, but then I realized—they’re pretty self-explanatory, aren’t they? Frost between the layers, and…done. So. Instead of a tutorial, I bring you some sweet cakes-without-frosting inspiration.

Reasons to love ‘naked’ cakes:

  • They have a natural aesthetic
  • You save on frosting (not to mention time and effort)
  • Dislikers of too much frosting will stay quiet

Should you decide you’d like to make a cake like this, I highly recommend checking out my list of cake baking tips first! Yes, minimal frosting can make things a lot easier for you, but this does mean your cakes need to look pretty dang good when you take them out of the pans.

[Begin unfrosted cake inspiration.]

Simple—with frosting, berries, and a sprig on top. Source.

Powdered sugar on the sides, plus flowers. Source.

Creatively piped frosting in between each layer. Source.

Three different types of cake? In tiers? Heck yeah. Source.
Berries around the bottom, with frosting ‘sneaking’ onto the cake edges. Source.

Funfetti! They may have even trimmed around the edges, which is a great idea for cakes with fun mix-ins like sprinkles. Source.
How ’bout just lightly frosted? Source.

That’s it for now. Hope this post comes in handy the next time you’re decorating a cake and run out of frosting 🙂

Love, Maurine

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