Playlist // Heartbreakers Gonna Break (Break Break Break Break)

February 11, 2015

I hope this month’s playlist makes you laugh. I’ve noticed that Valentine’s Day can be a pretty alienating time for those in the not-in-a-relationship camp. So instead of going with the traditional theme of love and romance for my playlist this month, I’ve opted for the contrary. Something that is equal parts nostalgia, anger, and get-it-togetherness—with some sorrowful indulgence thrown in. Essentially…a breakup playlist. Sound good?

I promise it’s more uplifting than it sounds.

This playlist was made for breakups, loneliness, and general musings on one’s current romantic status. It starts out with some powerhouse vocals by Adèle to get any necessary tears out of the way—that’s therapeutic, I might add—then eases you into some gentler notes to ease your pretty little mind, and finally sends you off with a jolt back to a happier reality, courtesy of—you guessed it—Miss T. Swift. I still can’t decide if that last one was the right choice, but I’ve had, like, three people tell me it’s their breakup jam, so ha! Plus I had to balance out all of that negativity somehow.

This playlist was tough. And it’s a little more on the mainstream side. But I think that’s a good thing. It gives the lonely a chance to contemplate their loneliness in accordance with the rest of humanity. Does that make sense? Anyway. Listen. Enjoy. Don’t take it too seriously.

* Note: As we all know, Taylor Swift isn’t on Spotify. So I’ll leave the “Shake It Off” listening to you.

Heartbreakers Gonna Break (Break Break Break Break)

Love, Maurine

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