Add a Custom App Icon for Your Blog on iPhone

February 26, 2014

Every once in a while I find myself wanting to know how to do something, only to spend hours searching until coming up with a reasonable solution. One such example is this: How do I add a custom app icon for my Blogger blog to my iPhone home screen?

Let me preface this tutorial by mentioning that this will only create a custom icon for your own phone. So if someone else decides they want to save your blog to their home screen, they’ll still get the default icon. (There is a way around this, described here, but users of Blogger can’t do it…hence this tutorial.) That said, this method is still pretty useful for customizing the look on your own phone.

Another plus: This tutorial actually applies to adding a custom icon for any web site to your home screen. So not just your blog.

In searching for the answer to my question, I was able to conclude two things: 1) It’s easy to add an app icon for your blog to your iPhone’s home screen, and 2) if you want to customize what that icon will look like, you’re going to have some difficulty.

How do we create a web icon less like the one of the left and more like the one on the right?

Here’s how to get it.


So, did it work for ya? Awesome. Of course, when others use Safari to add your blog to their home screen, the default screenshot will still be on theirs.* But I think this is a good workaround, at least, for when you’re showing your blog to other people with your phone.

* Unless you save a custom icon photo to your site’s root directory, which Jon of methodshop talks about here. But I’ll save you fellow Blogger users some time—this is only an option for those who host their own sites and thus have access to the site’s root directory. You can’t access your blog’s root directory with Blogger.



PS. Heh, I just noticed…I hope you like all my Mormon app icons. Ha!

PPS. Just noticed this while going back to this post for a quick edit. I miss VSCOcam’s old colorful app icon :/

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