Vanilla Bean Frosting

March 24, 2014
vanilla bean frosting

Ever wondered how to make vanilla frosting, complete with those little black specks? Here’s how!

One thing of note: I figured some of you would want a buttercream variety of this frosting, and some would want a cream cheese variety. So I’m giving you directions for both below.

vanilla bean frostingVanilla Bean Frosting

Makes enough for 12 cupcakes or for half of a standard double-layer 9″ round cake.


3/4 cup unsalted butter, room temp*
2 1/2–3 cups powdered sugar
2–4 TB milk or cream
seeds from 1/2 of a vanilla bean**
a pinch of salt (optional)

* This is if you’re making buttercream frosting. For cream cheese frosting, omit 1/4 butter and the milk and add 1/2 cup cream cheese.
** Learn how to get the seeds from a vanilla bean in my vanilla bean post!


Cream the butter for a good few minutes.

Gradually beat in some the powdered sugar.

Incorporate the milk or cream and vanilla bean seeds.

Finish by incorporating the rest of the powdered sugar. The more you add, the stiffer your frosting will be. (Just be sure to test along the way, as your frosting can quickly become too sweet!)

Apply frosting to completely cooled cupcakes or cake.

That’s it for now. Have a lovely start to your week!

Love, Maurine

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