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April 4, 2014

I’m kind of a huge fan of dubbing oneself a connoisseur of less-than-common things. Herbal teas, for example. Or fine cheeses. Or soaps. Goodness, do I love soap. Walking through swanky bath shops and checking out all their different bath bars, truffles, and such is my fave.

So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered a little soap-making business called The Soap Engineers. They’re on Etsy. I was introduced to them through my older brother, actually, who (I think) works with one of the its founders at an engineering-oriented company. (Yes, these girls are true engineers!) So they’ve got a pretty sweet dynamic going—artfully crafted soaps, scrubs, and bath truffles developed using pro engineering techniques. What more could you want?

Annnyhow. I could go on forever about these peeps. The main point of all of this? I’ve tried out their soaps, truffles, and sugar scrubs, and I can safely say that they’re the best eva.

Not that I’m surprised or anything.

Never used a bath truffle? It’s what Lush calls a “bath bomb.” Basically you drop it into a warm bath, and it magically fizzes up and distributes ultra-moisturizing ingredients throughout the water. Ha! I can’t describe it. Just get one and try it, okay? You will shine like a diamond after.

Here’s one of their sugar scrubs. If you’ve never scrubbed your face with sugar I recommend you stop reading this post and do so immediately.

Sensual rose? Sounds dreamy.

Alright, well I’ll stop gushing and let you go explore their Etsy shop. Treat yourself to a nice bath this weekend, okay?

Love, Maurine

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    These look so pretty! And I bet they do smell wonderful too.

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