(Road Trip) Day Three: Missouri to Colorado

May 24, 2013

Alas! We’re past the halfway point! Day three of the drive out to Utah involved crossing in the Mississippi, seeing a whole lot of Kansas, and by night getting into Rocky Mountain territory.

Can I tell you a secret about the Mississippi River? It was not as wide as I was expecting. I knew it wasn’t actually a mile wide as the nickname designates, but…yeah. Ha, oh well. It was still fun crossing it!

The drive was a little monotonous since most of it involved driving in a straight line at 80 miles per hour through Kansas. Carl and I just blasted 90s hits the whole time. And then we saw a fellow driver from Virginia. He gave us the nod of shared Virginian heritage as we passed.

Carl actually has a friend who lives out in Colorado, so we met him when we got to Denver that evening and had a little shindig around a campfire up in the mountains. It felt like a classic, warm Colorado welcome 🙂

And there were animals! Carl and I geek out kind of a lot over cute animals, just so you know. Even the only slightly cute ones.

You may have noticed that I still have not posted a photo of myself in documenting this road trip. I promise to get better about that tomorrow! I’m just so used to being behind the camera, you know?

Provo, Utah, via Arches National Park tomorrow, friends. Get excited for some sweet pics.

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