Pint Night

May 10, 2013

Ah…Pint Night. How I look forward to you at the end of every semester. Pint Night is a bi-annual event that regularly happens at the end of finals here at the University of Virginia. It’s something my friends and I started a few years back. Here’s the scoop (lame pun kind of intended): when Pint Night rolls around, each attendee is to purchase a pint of his or her favorite flavor of ice cream and bring it, along with a spoon, to the location we designate. And then we become savage eaters of ice cream. And eat every last spoonful.

I know—it’s kind of insane.

Also, you will be shunned if you bring anything less than a pint. (I know this from shameful experience!)

There is usually construction of an empty-ice-cream-container pyramid, as well.

It’s kind of a fantastic idea, am I right??

Happy end of the semester to all of you fellow college students! Be sure to celebrate with some sweet, sweet ice cream, okay?

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