Photo Fun with Florals.

December 9, 2013
photo shoot with victoria

Gasp! A photo of me!

So…my friend Victoria and I decided to practice our photo skills with some floral head crowns we made. You know Victoria—you met her in this blog post. She’s crazy awesome. She’s also a vegan blogger. She and I became friends in about two seconds while doing internships together.

photo shoot with victoriaFor the headbands, we started with some long strands of fake leaves from Michaels and then for one of the headbands added in bits of fake berries and wrapped floral wire around the pieces to hold them together. That’s it! Fake flowers + wire. Who knew it was that easy?

photo shoot with victoriaOur location? Corner Canyon in Draper, Utah. It’s a really pretty trail area, and what’s also neat about it is that it’s right by a neighborhood. It was freezing cold outside, but we braved the Utah air and took pictures anyway. Ha!

photo shoot with victoria photo shoot with victoria photo shoot with victoriaI’ll be honest—we felt kind of vain doing this photo shoot. Hence we dubbed it our “moment of vanity.” Also, what the heck does one write in a blog post filled with nothing but photo shoot photos? Nothing? Ah. I can’t not type anything.

photo shoot with victoriaHa! This isn’t even that flattering of a picture, but I feel like it captures “me” very well.

photo shoot with victoria
…and Victoria manages to look like a Grecian goddess without even trying.

photo shoot with victoriaThanks for stopping by!

Love, Maurine

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    This is such a great post! I really really like the pictures. And you look stunning in them. That sweater is adorable and so YOU! Ah, I just keep looking at the pictures 🙂

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