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June 13, 2016
cassies new puppy

Hey guys. I knew I could suck you into this post with a really cute puppy at the beginning. Just wanted to post some photos from the last month or so on here. Things have been pretty sweet here in Salt Lake. The highlights: helping my friend Cassie pick up a cute puppy, hiking in neature, light painting, and trying out some new, not-so-unhealthy recipes. Here is the photo documentation πŸ™‚

His name is Duke πŸ™‚

Just look at that face.

Hiking in Big Cottonwood canyon with Victortilla.

Look, there’s totally snow up there still! Well…there was in mid-May.

Digging this light at Rustic Chicken.

Light painting at the Great Salt Lake! This was so much fun. In fact, let me tell you where I did this because it’s a really sweet spot. If you’re heading towards the Great Salt Lake/salt flats on I-80 West, you take the exit for Saltair Palace and then take a right on the frontage road. Then keep going until the jersey wall on the left ends. Park immediately, and then look for the gate that will lead you towards the lake. It’s a dream. And you won’t get the stink of the lake, I promise πŸ™‚

Wearing my dad’s letter jacket πŸ™‚

Nate and I took one photo and decided not to smile haha. Bliiiinded by the light…

Okay…also…Nate is incredddible at drawing bison. This was seriously his first try.

And finallyβ€”vegan/gluten-free chocolate-coconut baked donuts! I tried out this recipe from A Dash of Megnut, and it’s amazing. Go check out her stuff, mmkay? Tip: Make sure you don’t try to eke by without a gluten-free flour blend. Anything without xanthum gum isn’t going to stick together, and it’s just going to be really annoying. This was take number two for me, this time with the flour blend.

June is like one long Friday, don’t you think?

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