Iceland // Reykjavík + Channeling Walter Mitty

September 28, 2015

Iceland photos are finally here! I’m slowly but surely going through and editing the one thousand photos I took while in Iceland a few weeks ago.

Backstory: I was headed east to Virginia to help shoot a wedding reception, and since my friend Victoria in England happened to be finishing up her dissertation that very weekend, how could I not meet up with her in England and hit up Iceland with her on the way back to Utah? (Her family lives in Utah now.) So after a brief stay in Virginia I packed up my things and hopped across the pond 🙂

The trek over was crazy. I had Victoria’s dissertation downloaded onto my phone and spent the majority of the plane ride editing it, and then I uploaded the final edits when I got to Heathrow. Then I hopped on another plane to Newcastle, during which Victoria made the final changes to her dissertation and ran to hand it in. I got there, we packed, we boarded a train, we boarded a bus, we boarded a plane, we hadn’t slept for three days, we landed in Iceland.

Our first day was a little anticlimactic because we basically just got groceries and passed out when we got to our Airbnb place (but the grocery store did have pastellfiskar, so that part actually was climactic). Gosh, was that sleep glorious though. Haha so we picked up the next morning ready to hit up downtown Reykjavík for some shopping, and then we drove northwest of Reykjavík in order to see what little of Snæfellsnes we could what with the rain and limited time we had that day (but more on Snæfellsnes tomorrow). Today: photos from our downtown excursion plus a little side-trip we took to Borgarnes, where they filmed part of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

Also, be sure to check out the music I add to these Iceland posts—I’ll be adding one song to each post that I think was our “theme song” for that day.

This is us dying on the train ride to our flight to Iceland. We wanted sleep so, so much.

Single gloves speed dating? Um, CUTE.

Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur is well known for serving up some of Reykjavík’s best hot dogs (which you’ll be eating a lot of if you want to save munz while in Iceland). Even Bill Clinton paid a visit to the little hot dog stand years ago when he came to Reykjavík. When you go, get your hot dogs with everything on them—that’s raw and fried onions plus ketchup on the bottom, and then a brown mustard plus what I think was a type of remoulade on the top.

Here’s where the hot dog stand is located 😉

So many scarves. Victoria and I did some hunting for the best prices (which definitely saved us about $20, so heck yeah.)

And now for a few pics from Borgarnes. This is the bakery that they revamped into a Papa Johns for filming Walter Mitty. The super nice woman we spoke with at the bakery said that the renovation, filming, and un-renovation took a total of five days.

Of course we ordered like four different things. Including the giant chocolate disk you can see at the bottom there.

And these were taken from the parking lot next to the bakery. You’ll probably recognize this little mountain as well.

More to come tomorrow! Basically you’re going to see nonstop Iceland photos for the next week or so haha.

Of course today’s track is going to be from the Walter Mitty soundtrack.

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