How To Brown Butter

September 30, 2013
brown butter

Brown butter, known as “beurre noisette” (that is, “hazelnut butter”) in French, is butter that has been whisked in a saucepan over medium heat until it browns and acquires a lightly nutty scent and flavor. It’s quite heavenly. The French use it rather often in pastry making, and you can also use it to make some delicious savory sauces. Basically…it tastes incredible in pretty much anything, and you can use it just like you would regular butter. So you should make some. Right now.

Wanna try it?

Here’s how to make it:

  1. Start with a non-stick skillet. While normally I’d say cast iron all the way, I recommend using your light-colored non-stick for this job because you’ll be relying a lot on what color the butter is to tell when it’s done.
  2. Add the butter—however much you like—to the skillet, and heat the skillet over medium heat. (I go for the lower side of medium heat.)
  3. Whisk the butter occasionally. Look for the transition in color from golden yellow to a nutty brown. When you start to get that brown color and nutty aroma—in about 8 to 10 minutes—remove the butter from heat and finish whisking it in a bowl.

Note: Feel free to make larger batches of this at once. It keeps well in the fridge!

Love, Maurine


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