Hot Chocolate In A Bowl

January 20, 2014

The other day I had the delicious opportunity to enjoy a cup of “Belgian hot chocolate” from a super sweet café called Le Pain Quotidien (pronounced luh peh(n) ko-tee-dyeh(n)…kind of). What I loved about it was the way it was served to me, and I think we all need to make hot chocolate like this more often!

Here’s what’s different about it:

  • The vehicle. It’s served in a small café bowl that you hold with both hands as you sip.
  • The milk. It’s heated until it’s slightly foamy and served in the café bowl sans chocolate.
  • The chocolate. It’s good old fashioned chocolate, melted and served in a tiny pitcher.


  1. Start by getting your chocolate melted since that will take a little longer: 1–3 oz. chocolate (any kind) per cup of milk (again, any kind). I recommend melting the chocolate in a heat-proof bowl over a pot of simmering water. Nice and gradual.
  2. Heat 3/4–1 cup of milk in a large glass in the microwave. Leave some room in the glass in case the milk foams a bit.
  3. Pour the milk into your café bowl, and the chocolate into a little pitcher (or in my case, an egg cup…ha!)
  4. Serve immediately. Simply pour and stir in the melted chocolate and enjoy!

    Love, Maurine

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