DIY Gift Idea: Cake Mix in a Bag

June 11, 2014

So this is about the easiest gift idea ever, but it’s one of my favorites! I did this for a friend for his birthday recently (so yeah, “Janna” is a pseudonym.) I personally love creating a custom cake flavor for people on special occasions, but you can do this with any recipe you think the recipient will love.

The trick to this is dividing your ingredients correctly into separate bags for quick mixing later. I talk about when to mix various ingredients in my general baking method for making any type of cake post, but essentially you’ll have one bag for dry ingredients and one bag for sugar (the only “wet” ingredient that need not be refrigerated.) This leaves the recipient to provide eggs, butter or oil, milk, and vanilla extract for when it comes time to mix.

Scroll down to see the packaging process!

1. Measure out and package your ingredients in separate bags. For this chocolate cake mix, I had one bag for dry ingredients and one bag for sugar. (The dry ingredients were flour, baking soda, salt, and cocoa powder.) I actually sealed the bags with packaging tape along the top because I was shipping this.

2. Label your bags. I recommend washi tape and a Sharpie!

3. Prepare a paper bag to put your mix into. I actually created a Word document the size of a paper bag, typed up the name of the cupcake, taped the bottom of the bag down, and ran the bag through the printer. You won’t get pristine results (at least, I haven’t been able to yet), but it still looks pretty sweet.

4. Fill up your bag. Don’t forget to include a recipe card (either in the bag or in an envelope and attached to the outside.) I decided to do a recipe card with the whole recipe and then an additional card with how to use the mix.

5. Seal it shut and decorate however you like! I personally used washi tape, a gold paper clip, and some black and white string. (Fun fact: I found this string at Walmart—not in the crafty section but in the sports-and-outdoors area. Or maybe it was hardware. Wherever it was, it was cheaper than twine from the crafty section!)

Happy Wednesday (:

Love, Maurine

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