City Lights (and Less-Than-Perfect Days)

August 27, 2015

I found these photos on my camera from a few weeks ago when two of my Virginia friends came to visit, and I just kinda had to post ’em 🙂 They’re from my favorite hike, the Living Room. I absolutely love looking at city lights, which is one huge plus to living in Salt Lake. Drive ten minutes towards the mountains, and you’ll get a sweet view of the valley. Every single time.

I also can’t help but relate the horrid day that I had with my two engaged friends yesterday (we’ll call them Cassie and Brady since I think they’re okay with that.) It was seriously just one of those days that you can’t make up. We drove up to the mountains late yesterday afternoon to do a photo shoot in the mountains, only for it to begin pouring rain the moment we got there. So that was a bust. Then Cassie and Brady decided to meet some friends for dinner, after which they would head back to Salt Lake, and I would meet them downtown to take a few photos. Brady got a flat tire almost immediately. So then they came back, and we decided that the three of us would go out for burgers. I said, “Wait a moment, I’m going to go get my flash.” I opened up the storage unit—gone. Along with my filters and one of my camera bags. I realized that some of my camera gear had to have been stolen from our storage unit because one thing from the camera bag had been chucked toward the back of the unit. So…well, don’t get me started on that. (Also don’t store photography gear in your apartment’s storage unit like the smart girl named Maurine did.) So the three of us ate away our sorrows, attempted to take a few photos downtown, and then went to get milkshakes to at least salvage the night a little bit.

The milkshake place decided to close ten minutes early. We got rejected.

Sometimes I just can’t help but laugh at certain days. After shaking my fists at the skies and crying a little bit, of course.

Here’s to your week going better than mine!


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