#Brassie // The Wedding: Reception

December 4, 2015
cassie's wedding reception

And finally…the reception! (First #Brassie wedding post here, and second post here.)

Guys, the reception was crazy. At one point, I set my spare lens pouch on the reception table, and the drawstring somehow touched this dinky little tealight candle that was sitting next to it. And then the whole thing lit on fire. I had just had some camera gear stolen a couple months prior and wasn’t about to lose something else (plus this was my favorite lens), so my first reaction was to put out the flame with my bare hand. Like an idiot. I spent the rest of the night when I wasn’t photographing sitting at one of the tables really unnaturally holding a glass of cold water because it felt soothing.

The lens lived, though, and my hand is just about healed! I do have a permanent dent in my palm where one of my burns was though. Yikes, man.

Moral of the story: don’t be an idiot and set your camera gear next to an open flame.


















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