7 Must-Have Kitchen Utensils for Cupcake Bakers

March 7, 2018
baking utensils

I get a lot of questions about which kitchen utensils I prefer when baking, so today I thought I’d share my “top 7 baking utensils.” This list applies most specifically to baking cupcakes, but I think anyone who enjoys baking could benefit from this list.

Why 7? Because that happened to be how many items I strongly recommend, that’s why 😉 This is not a definitive list by any means, but these are definitely the things that I love and swear by the most! I get very specific about brand and features, so pay attention, mmkay?


measuring cups and spoons

1. High Quality Measuring Cups & Spoons

If you’re going to splurge on one thing, I really think it should be your measuring cups and spoons. Think about it—you use them probably multiple times a day. (In fact, I have three sets and use at least two every day.) The best measuring cups and spoons have secure and sturdy handles (especially important for anyone who has a tendency to scoop flour with their measuring cups) and engraved measurements which won’t rub off.

My pick: All-Clad Stainless Steel Measuring Cups and Spoons

Photo cred: Williams-Sonoma

hand mixer

2. Kitchenaid Hand Mixer

I’m going to say something very divisive and controversial here: you don’t need a stand mixer. Seriously. I love my stand mixer with my whole heart and use it on the reg, but if you’re a sane person who doesn’t want to throw down hundreds of dollars on a stand mixer, don’t. This little guy will keep you very happy for many years to come. I think this mixer is great because 1) its low speed is a true, low speed, and 2) it’s remarkably quiet.

My pick: Kitchenaid 7-Speed Hand Mixer

Photo cred: Crate and Barrel

mini spatulas

3. Mini Rubber Scrapers

You probably have some standard size rubber scrapers (or spatulas, as everyone calls them) lying around if you love to bake, but I highly recommend adding some mini ones to your collection. I use them all the time to scrape ingredients out of measuring cups, scoop frosting into the piping bag, etc. Brand doesn’t really matter here because it’s hard to mess up a rubber scraper!

My pick: Crate and Barrel Cool Mini Spatulas

Photo cred: Crate and Barrel

cookie dough scoop

4. Cookie Dough Scoop

These little guys are the best for scooping cake batter into cupcake wells (and for scooping cookie dough too, I guess…haha.) I really like 1.5 TB sized ones. I’ve actually used a few different kinds because somehow I seem to always misplace these. I recently got the OXO one, and while I love a lot of their products, I actually didn’t love their cookie dough scoop! Mine constantly falls apart. Maybe buy your cookie dough scoop in person so you can test its functionality before you buy.

My pick: Whatever works when you test it at the store!

Photo cred: Crate and Barrel

wilton piping bag

5. Wilton Featherweight Piping Bags

Reusable piping bags are great for piping frosting onto cupcakes or cake, and I personally think Wilton’s are the best. They’re nice and flexible. Go for a 14-inch piping bag or larger—anything smaller is going to be annoyingly small when frosting a dozen cupcakes.

My pick: Wilton 14-Inch Featherweight Piping Bag

Photo cred: Wilton (best pic I could find haha)

piping tips

6. Extra Large Circle and Star Piping Tips

Now, I know I just recommended Wilton’s piping bags, but I actually prefer Ateco’s piping tips! The #806 plain tip has a nice, large opening, and the #824 star tip has fewer points, which I think looks better for frosted cupcakes. I use these two tips 95% of the time. I got both tips in this Ateco 3-Piece Set, which is actually cheaper than buying the tips separately (plus it comes with a reusable piping bag!) You can use these tips without a coupler—just slide one into the piping bag and you’re ready to go.

My pick: Ateco #806 Plain Tip and #824 Star Tip

Photo cred: Amazon

clear acrylic canisters

7. Large Clear Canisters

These aren’t a baking utensil, per se, but I think belong in any baker’s kitchen. Large clear canisters make organizing staple ingredients like flour and sugar a cinch, and the large opening at the top makes it easy to scoop out and level with minimal mess. I recommend the 64-ounce canisters for things like flour and sugar and the 32-ounce canisters for things like almond meal and coconut sugar.

My pick: Anchor Hocking 64-Ounce Acrylic Round Canisters

Photo cred: The Container Store

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