Tried & True // Minimalist Baker’s Super Chunky Coconut Granola

August 20, 2017
jar of homemade granola

I’m trying something new on my blog β€” a column called “Tried & True.” My goal is to try out new and exciting recipes, and as I find ones that I will totally go back to again and again, I’ll add those recipes to the “Tried & True” list. So here is the first installment πŸ™‚

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I’ve been kind of on a homemade granola kick lately and have wanted to master making it for myself. When I found Minimalist Baker’s Super Chunky Coconut Granola recipe, I was stoked because it looked easy and promised to give me nice, chunky granola.

homemade granola
After trying out the recipe, I can totally vouch for it! It gives you delicious and chunky granola β€” much like what you might find at the grocery store β€” only it’s better because you know exactly what’s in it. If you’re looking for a solid granola recipe that will teach you the fundamentals of making homemade granola, this is it.

chunky granola
There are a few things I’d change about the recipe, only because this recipe likes pecans more than I do πŸ˜‰ Plus, I try to cut down on sugar every chance I get. So you can expect me to come out with my own homemade granola recipe in the near future!

tray of granola
Happy granola making!

xx Maurine

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