(Sweet) Shop Crush // Baked & Wired

March 14, 2014

I finally went there, everyone: Baked & Wired. My friend Cassie and I went on a little excursion earlier this week.

In case you haven’t heard, Baked & Wired is a sweet baked goods place in Georgetown that, in my opinion, miiiight have the best cupcakes ever. (I’m not counting my own cupcakes in this duhhhh. Ha, kidding.) Well. All I have to say is that if you’re in the DC area and want a good cupcake—or brownie or blondie or cookie, for that matter—look no further than this sweet gem. Just go, okay?

Oh, and they’re pretty sassy, by the way.

Here’s their signature cake style: They use tulip-style baking cups (or at least squares of parchment paper folded to look like them) and do a swirly thing with their frosting kiiinda à la New York’s Magnolia Bakery.

After spending, like, five thousand years making up my mind, I finally settled on this beaut: the “Ménage à Trois.” It’s chocolate with a raspberry filling, topped with cream cheese frosting.

And Cassie? She got coconut. She knows what’s up.

 Whoaaaa we posed for pictures. Cassie and I being fatties.

Mm mm mmm. Annnnyway, that’s about it for the moment. Just letting you in on Georgetown’s delicious secret. Though I guess it’s not really a secret.


Happy weekend!

Love, Maurine

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