Shop Crush // Barberry and Lace

January 3, 2014
Barberry & Lace is a little jewelry shop on Etsy with pretty necklaces, rings, hair accessories, etc. If you like Victorian-style jewelry, delicate florals, or necklaces with nifty things on them like pocket watches and mini telescopes, this shop is for you.
I’ve gotten a couple of things from Barberry & Lace—this Tan Leather Camera Necklace and this Looking Glass Necklace, to be exact—and I kiiinda sorta really love them. Heh, and I’ve also found that they’re pretty good conversation pieces. People are just surprised to see a magnifying glass on a necklace, I guess!
So.  Without further, ado…some of my favorite things:

This Hot Air Balloon Necklace. It reminds me of this shirt from Anthropologie. Which is no longer in stock so I have to link you to a random pin.

These Navy Blue Bow Dangle Earrings. I’m not normally a dangle earring girl, but maybe I’d wear these on a day when I’m feeling particularly girly…

The Sunflower Pocket Watch Necklace. My dad collects pocket watches. And…whoa. My mom loves sunflowers. This necklace speaks to me.
The Bronze Arrow Bracelet. For the Hunger Games fan in your life.
The Silver Harmonica Necklace. I think it’s a miniature version. Just in case you want to break into song at any point. Ha!

That’s it for now. Have a lovely weekend!

Love, Maurine

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    This is so beyond adorable! Etsy always has the cutest things and I could get lost "shopping" on there for so long! The colors for this shop are definitely so pretty and I like them so much. I like that antique feeling you get when you see things like this.

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