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August 17, 2013

If you haven’t shopped for clothing at ModCloth, you’re seriously missing out! ModCloth is a popular online fashion and home decor site with vintage-inspired (and some actual vintage) pieces. Each piece also has a creative name, like “Peony For Your Thoughts dress” or “SLRing.” It’s pretty nifty, methinks.

For those on a tight budget, it’s one of those sites that you go to when you want to splurge just a little. The prices are pretty good overall. Though I will say, there have been times when I’ve seen items on ModCloth’s site sold for less elsewhere—like at DownEast Basics, for example. So…do your research!

Regardless, I’m still totally in love. They’ve got some fantastic curation going on. Observe:

These Ready to Impress flats in Oatmeal? I kinda sorta really need them.
Inlet for the Weekend skirt. This could definitely be a staple in my closet.
I wouldn’t necessarily buy this Rhubard None dress (pink ain’t my thing, man), but I find the skirt part incredibly inspiring. My future wedding dress is totally having a bottom half like this (assuming I haven’t changed my mind 5,000 times by then). I think the flowy-and-not-too-heavy feel of it would be such a pretty variation from the typical full-length gown.
Train Station Platform dress in Two-Tone. Can this dress please just appear in my closet? Is that really too much to ask?
Actual vintage! This is a vintage River Gorge top from the 1960s. I want to wear it and feel French. (Why do stripes feel so French to me?)
I’ll Wash, You Pi dish towel. Guys…I really like math. A lot. Even though I haven’t studied it formally since high school Calculus. Seriously! One thing I love doing (my math-major friend Charles joins in with me on this) is thinking of something to apply an equation to and then figuring out what the equation is. For example, How would you calculate what day of the week a certain date in a certain year fell or will fall on? (I know such an equation exists. Don’t tell me the answer yet, okay?) Oh, wow. That was quite the diversion. But actually since this blog is named after myself and I am the one writing this, we’re still completely on topic, aren’t we? Har har har.
 The end.
For now.
Love, Maurine

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