Sprinkles nails!

Monday, October 27, 2014

...a Halloween nail art DIY, mayhaps? I'm thinking this would be perfect for a cake- or cupcake-themed costume.

The process is pretty straightforward, but here it is: You'll need nail glue, some tiny sprinkles, and some acetone (for taking it off later. it's a beast.) Paint the nail glue onto your nail, dip your finger in the sprinkles jar, remove, and voilà. You'll definitely need to touch up by removing some out-of-place sprinkles and filling in gaps with more sprinkles. I then "sealed" the sprinkles in place after by adding glue on top of the whole thing.

Also, please pardon my less-than-perfect, I-had-to-shoot-these-myself photos. (Such is life when your roommate is gone for a week!) And my unquenchably dry hands...#WelcomeToUtah.

Have a lovely pre-Halloween week!

Love, Maurine

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  1. I like how colorful these are and they look so cute. And delicious :)