Playlist // Fall Sounds

Monday, October 6, 2014

Hey, all. Just thought I'd drop in to share some tunes to accompany you this week. Plus a photo of a cute cat with an eye infection. It's starting to feel a bit more like fall where I am, which means I suppose it's time for something more folksy and strummed, yes? That's what fall sounds like to me, anyhow.

You can afford to take a break for a moment and listen—this one's short. Close your eyes and enjoy.

Fall Sounds

So, since I've finally chosen to embrace it...happy fall, everyone.

Love, Maurine


  1. I particularly like your selection of putting Lord Huron on here! Did I tell you I saw them in Richmond this past May? They were so great but it got a little rained out haha.

  2. Yeah, you did! Dang, I bet that was awesome.

    Also you should update your blog because I miss you :)